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Psychotherapy & Counselling

Counselling and psychotherapy are similar; counselling is generally concerned with talking through life events, rites of passage and stages of life, loss and bereavement, and mundane or extraordinary dilemmas that come up over the course of a life. Psychotherapy is more concerned with abiding trauma and stuck or chronic recurring patterns of interpersonal and self relating; it is a process of becoming who you are.

Life is a challenge of how to deal with, and get beyond the stress, fear and drama that is life. I enjoy helping people get beyond their preoccupations, to the edge of who they are, where creativity is possible. Creativity and play often get compartmentalised in our lives; they are seen as something we do, or worse still, as things only artists or children do. Rather than doing creativity and play, we can become creative and playful. It is a transformative process, a re-orientation toward life and with it the world becomes a palette and a playground.

'I never dreamt, in my dream, I'm Dalai Lama.'

Dalai Lama

Both counselling and psychotherapy start with a conversation about why you have come for therapy. It's not necessary to decide whether you want counselling or psychotherapy; the nature and extent of the issues generally suggest the direction of the work. In my experience all therapy starts out as counselling which might then develop into psychotherapy.

Counselling is generally shorter taking a matter of weeks, months or a few years; psychotherapy is generally longer. I see people both for short and long term. Unless otherwise contracted for, each session lasts 50 minutes. I usually see people once per week at the same time; greater frequency can be arranged upon request. I see people face to face, by telephone, Skype, FaceTime and Zoom. Weather permitting, and by arrangement, therapy sessions can take place while walking out in the sunshine.

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