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Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching and Organisation Consultancy

I combine existing executive coaching techniques with psycho-educative, psychotherapeutic, CBT, Gestalt, systemic and psychodynamic ones. My focus is on developing a unique leadership style in such a way that leadership is a state of being rather than doing. In other words you will develop as a leader or executive - and as a person; the two can be (and are better when) integrated. 

I offer coaching, training and supervision to women and men in leadership and executive roles in small and corporate business, academia, religious and charitable organisations.  I have worked with CEOs, executives and leaders at various levels from:

  • Hewitt Associates
  • Reuters
  • Citibank
  • Allen & Overy
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Westminster City Council
  • HSBC
  • World Bank
  • Welcome Trust Sanger Institue
  • Cambridge City Council
  • Hammerson PLC
  • Cancer Research UK
  • University of Cambridge
  • Arm Ltd
  • London Fire Brigade
  • Warner Bros
  • Red Gate Software
  • BT
  • Various NHS authorities
  • Lloyd's of London
  • Church of England

My services are often sought by executives and leaders who have already tried conventional diagnostic, technique driven or 'tool' oriented coaching (Belbin, 360 Feedback, Myers Briggs etc.) and have found they require something more personally oriented. These are often executives or leaders who want to develop further than conventional coaching allows, or who have become stuck in some way. I work well with people who value high support with high challenge, and with those who are new to coaching.

My focus is on how to: 
  • develop new interpersonal skills
  • communicate more effectively with colleagues above and below you
  • adjust to promotion, demotion or moving 'sideways'
  • develop emotional intelligence and insight
  • understand how systemic and unconscious processes operate
  • develop an understanding of group process
  • be more confident in working relations
  • become more effective in dealing with confrontation and conflict resolution; both in terms of gaining assertiveness skills and also in learning how to deal with adult bullying in the workplace
  • cope better with charged and stressful situations resulting from challenging situations and colleagues
  • anger regulation and management
Other related work includes:
  • Artists, writers and academics experiencing creative block
  • Church leaders in a crisis of faith, a loss of passion and motivation
  • Supervising trainee and experienced executive and leadership coaches
  • Core Tutor for the 'Diploma in Integrative Supervision of Individuals and Groups' at The Grove Practice in Wimpole Street, London; I train therapists, coaches, clinical managers and team leaders to become supervisors

Recent years have seen a plethora of new executive or leadership coaches. Whilst formal executive coaching training is important (I have an accredited Diploma in Organisational Development and Executive Coaching*) even a rigorous executive coaching qualification is not enough.
"I believe that in an alarming number of situations, executive coaches who lack rigorous psychological training do more harm than good." (Berglas, S. (2002) The Very Real Dangers of Executive Coaching Harvard Business Review, June: 87-92)

Having been an educator since 1991* and a psychotherapist since 1998 I have a greater understanding of relational dynamics, psycho-educative teaching and am able to draw from a greater range of resources, experience and insight than the psychologically untrained coach.

Organisation Consultancy involves working with the organisation as the client.  This often means coaching or working with more than one person; sometimes coaching a team or larger group of leaders, managers or executives. I work with various organisations with issues around developing communication skills, conflict resolution, bullying and harrassment, gender relations and leadership training. 

Whilst my coaching and therapy practices are based in Cambridge and King's Cross in London, I travel further afield (including Europe) for executive coaching and organisation consultancy assignments.

* My Diploma in Organisational Development and Executive Coaching is accredited by both The Association for Coaching; and The European Mentoring & Coaching Council. I am also a member of the of BACP Coaching Division

* I trained as a teacher at University of Cambridge Department of Education

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