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Hints when Choosing a Counsellor, Psychotherapist or Coach

It may be helpful for you to be aware of the following points when choosing a therapist or executive coach;

- The effectiveness of the work mostly depends upon the quality of the relationship between practitioner and client. It is generally advisable to meet the practitioner for a consultation to get a sense of whether you will be able to work with him/her. You may also have questions; how the practitioner handles or answers your questions will be an indication of the potential for a good working relationship.

- Choosing a therapist/coach is largely an intuitive decision. It is not necessarily the theoretical approach, age, gender or experience that is most significant. It is more important to feel comfortable and yet at the same time necessary to have a therapist/coach who is able challenge you.

- Full accreditation to a professional body indicates that the therapist/coach has undergone sufficient recognised training, continuing professional development, regular supervision and adheres to a recognised code of ethics. (however this does not determine the quality of the practitioner)
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