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What began as my own curiosity and self questioning led to a fascination with how people make sense of life, themselves and also their joy and suffering in the light of liminal, numinous and mundane experience. This led me to study theology and philosophy at Westminster College, Oxford. Through this I gained insight into the nature of religious and secular belief systems and what place they can occupy in people's lives. After my theology degree I studied education as a postgraduate at Hughes Hall College, Cambridge. 

As an educator (and psychotherapist) I am deeply committed to dialogical and experiential learning processes having taught infants, adolescents and adults in mainstream and special needs education; and as a lecturer to under- and postgraduates. Eventually, in what seemed to me to be a natural progression, I trained as a psychotherapist at The Whittington Hospital (NHS Trust) in London. 

As an integrative psychotherapist I'm primarily trained in the following modalities;
  • Psychodynamic
  • Object Relations
  • Gestalt
  • Existential
  • Systemic
  • Transpersonal  

I was an honorary psychotherapist at The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust throughout my years of training.  The clients were out-patients with complex mental health issues, they were referred by GP's and psychiatrists, many of whom had been previously admitted to The Waterlow Psychiatric Clinic at the hospital.

Though the core of my work is as a psychotherapist I transfer the insight and skills I have learnt into working with organisations in the public and private sector. I have since taught counselling and psychotherapy at universities and various private training programs. I've also trained as a couple counsellor, supervisor, executive coach and organisation development consultant and now divide my time between clinical work in Cambridge and King's Cross in London, organisation consultancy, executive coaching and training therapists in the UK and overseas.

Previous work includes;

* NHS Psychotherapist for 4 years working with outpatients with complex mental health issues
* Psychotherapist and executive coach at The Grove Practice, Wimpole St, London W1 for 8 yrs
* Supervision of Asian and African clergy training as counsellors
* Training London Fire Brigade Employees in Leadership Coaching
* Summer school counsellor and teacher in Crimea
* Trauma counsellor at London Underground
* Trainer and supervisor of volunteers working with homeless people
* Student counsellor at Greenwich Maritime
* Visiting lecturer at Greenwich Maritime and Brighton Universities.
* Coaching and Executive coaching leaders in business, the church and academia
* Facilitator of group work; supervision, experiential or training every year for the last ten years


* I trained in Group Analysis at Cambridge Group Work (a constituent of The Institute of Group Analysis

* I trained as a psychotherapist at The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust in North London

* I trained as a couples counsellor with Dr Joseph Zinker (Master Gestalt Psychotherapist - Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, USA)

* I trained as an executive coach and organisation development consultant at The Grove Practice Ltd, in Wimpole St, London W1 (PG Dip. in Organisational Development and Executive Coaching - AC accredited course; The Association for Coaching)

* I trained as a supervisor at Leeds Psychotherapy Training Institute

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