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Couple and Relationship Counselling

Couples with relating issues

With couple counselling and psychotherapy the focus is often on enabling effective communication of thoughts and feelings. Couples present with many different issues, these may include getting stuck in repetitive patterns, lack of mutual support, loss of desire, intimacy, sexual problems, betrayal and general life events. Couple therapy works toward each person re-engaging with each other with the intention of finding a new way of moving forward. Part of my task as a therapist is to facilitate this.

Couples with sexual intimacy, relating or psychosexual issues

Sexual appetite and desire change over time in a relationship. Changes of a sexual nature can be difficult to make sense of, they can often feel threatening to a relationship and difficult to resolve.

Sexual dysfunction such as vaginismus, erectile dysfunction, rapid (premature) ejaculation or failure to ejaculate (or delayed ejaculation) sometimes have an organic origin and so a visit to a GP or sexual health clinic may be necessary. Where there is little or no organic origin these issues are seen as psychosexual in nature and are generally treatable through counselling or psychotherapy.

Couples on the verge of making a greater commitment

Some couples are on the verge of embarking upon a deeper commitment.  Couple counselling can provide the opportunity to explore many of the concerns a couple have prior to moving in together, marriage, civil partnership or having a family.  

Couples who are moving toward an ending

Couples often need support in how to end their relationship.  Counselling can make the difference between an acrimonious or affable ending.  Sometimes a couple want to manage the transition from being together as a couple to becoming just friends. Counselling can provide a space in which this process can take place.

My couple and relationship counselling practices are based in Cambridge and King's Cross in London, I work with both straight and gay relationships.

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